Frequently Asked Questions

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Before Booking

Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive about booking.

Are my belonging insured?

Your belongings are insured at $0.60 per pound per item. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established this rate, and we comply fully with its regulations.

If you desire Full Valuation Protection or Market Value Protection, the cost varies based on the appraised value of your items. You can discuss additional coverage with your Move Consultant by providing the total value of your possessions. They will gladly explain your options.

What if I have a limited budget?

Should you need to stick to a budget but prefer not to handle the heavy lifting, inquire about our labor-only services. You can rent a truck, and we’ll take care of either the loading or unloading for you.

How is the cost of my move determined?

Our fees are based on the time it takes to complete your move. We begin with an estimate grounded in the details you provide about your move. This quote will feature a minimum cost and an hourly rate per mover, and we bill in 15-minute increments to ensure you’re only paying for the time you use.

We do not impose extra charges for fuel, mileage, stairs, walking distance, consumables, or hidden fees. However, there is a fee for additional stops if you don’t inform us beforehand. Let us know in advance to avoid this charge!

How do you determine the number of movers and the duration required for my move?

We will discuss the details of your inventory with you. For homes with three or more bedrooms, we may arrange an in-home estimate or a virtual assessment or ask you to provide photos or videos of your residence. With our extensive experience, we’ve developed reliable formulas and are skilled at accurately estimating the necessary resources.

What if my move takes more or less time than expected?

Unexpected changes to your inventory or not having enough time to disassemble furniture before we arrive? No problem! Remember, the more time we spend on your move, the higher your final bill will be. If you anticipate that your move will take an hour more or less than the initial quote, please inform us in advance. This helps us allocate sufficient time for you while also honoring commitments to other clients. Our office will contact you a few days before your move to confirm your inventory.

When does the billing time start and end? Do you charge for travel?

The clock starts when our team arrives at your starting location and stops when they finish at your new destination. If your move is finished before the minimum time quoted, you’ll only be charged for that minimum. If it takes longer than estimated, don’t worry—billing is done in 15-minute increments. We do not charge extra for travel time.

Do your quotes cover packing? What is included?

Our quotes include essentials like moving blankets, shrink wrap, dollies, straps, and any other necessary equipment for the move. Packing services are also available but are not included in your moving quote unless specified as a separate service. If you’re interested in packing assistance, please let us know—we’re happy to help with that, too.

What size are your trucks?

Our largest trucks are 26-foot box trucks, offering around 1,400 cubic feet of interior space. Typically, one truck is sufficient for most moves.

Please note that these trucks must park as close to your home as possible. You may need assistance clearing a longer, wider parking area, and the trucks require approximately 14 feet of vertical clearance.

When is payment due? Do you require a deposit?

We do not require a deposit for single-day moves. However, for overnight moves, we require up to a 30% deposit when you book your move. The remaining balance is due at the end of each day of services before the movers depart.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Please note that we do not accept checks. There is a 3% convenience fee for all card transactions. To avoid this fee, you can pay in cash.

Have Questions About Booking? We have answers.

Prepping to Move

Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about prepping to move.

Can you move my TV?

We can move your TVs, but they must be packed in a box. Modern TVs are quite thin and fragile, and the screens can crack easily. We can box the TV for you if needed—just let us know in advance. Ensure your TV is off the wall and ready to go before our movers arrive.

Can I keep my washer and dryer connected?

Although many of our movers are skilled in disconnecting and reconnecting major appliances, we are not certified for these installations. Therefore, our insurance won’t cover any damages, leaks, or malfunctions that might occur. To ensure safety, please have your appliances disconnected before your move.

What should I do with my valuables?

We highly advise that you transport your valuables before the movers arrive. If something is particularly precious to you, it’s best to keep it close. Additionally, following our small item guidelines, if your valuables can fit in a box, they should be securely packed in one.

How should I pack my closet?

Upon request, we can provide wardrobe boxes to transport your hanging clothes. Please inform us of the number you’ll need (each box has a 24-inch bar across the top, and we have up to 6 boxes available). We typically reuse these boxes after the move, but if you’d prefer to keep them, just let us know, and we can include them in your estimate.

Can I leave items in my dressers during the move?

This can be a bit complicated. If your dressers aren’t overly heavy and you’re not concerned about truck space, you can leave them full as long as the contents aren’t fragile. We’ll secure your dressers to prevent the drawers from falling out. However, if you decide to keep items in the drawers, please know that your dressers and their contents won’t be covered under our valuation.

Do you move open boxes?

All items that can fit in a box should be properly packed and securely closed. Open boxes can’t be safely stacked, so they have to be moved individually, making them unstable and taking up more space in the truck. Closed boxes ensure your belongings are safe and help make your move more efficient.

What should I do with my small items?

Our movers are not responsible for transporting small loose items as they can easily get misplaced. Following our guidelines, if it fits in a box, it needs to be securely packed in one.

How can I make my move faster?

Planning is key! Decide in advance which room and specific spot you want each item placed. We follow a “one touch rule”: handling an item more than once during loading or unloading will slow down the process considerably.

What’s the most effective way to label my items?

Label three sides of each box and include the specific destination. For added convenience, consider color-coding your labels. Post signs with corresponding colors and location names above doorways so movers can easily identify where each item should go.

Can you dispose of my trash?

Please minimize clutter before move day. While moving often leads to spring cleaning, trash can interfere with our movers’ efficiency and prolong your move. If you require the disposal of large items, inform us in advance so we can include that in your estimate.

Should I clean before the movers arrive?

Yes, ensuring your home is a clean and safe environment for our movers to work in is important. We use moving blankets to protect your belongings, but dust can easily transfer from the blankets to your items and vice versa. Just as you wouldn’t want someone else’s dust on your belongings, others wouldn’t. Let’s collaborate to keep everything as clean as possible!

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Moving Day

Get answers to frequently asked questions about moving day.

Do I need to be present during the move?

Yes, we ask that you be present during the move to direct the movers and answer any questions, especially if you have a large inventory. Your availability helps ensure the move goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you can’t be there, please arrange for a representative to assist the movers. If neither you nor a representative can be there, notify our customer service team, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

When will the movers arrive?

Our arrival time is approximate, as we work until each job is completed, and most crews handle multiple daily jobs. We will inform you 1-2 days before your move. If you have specific time requests, deadlines, or restrictions, please let us know when you book your move, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Does the weather impact my move?

Yes, weather can indeed affect your move.

There’s a risk of heat stroke during extreme heat, so we often add extra movers to speed up the process and ensure everyone’s safety.

Rain usually isn’t an issue. We wrap your furniture to protect it from water damage and do our best to keep your floors clean. We offer carpet masking to safeguard your floors if you’re particularly concerned.

Snow and ice can cause delays or rescheduling due to hazardous road conditions. We prioritize safety and won’t risk injuries. If there’s snow, please clear a path for the movers before they arrive to speed up the move and ensure safety for everyone.

Do you protect the floors during the move?

Our movers can lay down blankets to help shield your floors. However, we recommend more robust solutions for additional protection, especially for hardwood floors or carpeting. If you’re interested, let us know! Heavy-duty temporary wood floor protection starts at $75.00 plus tax, while Carpet Shield (50 feet per roll) is $20.00 plus tax.

Can you assist with disassembling and reassembling my furniture?

We offer free disassembly and reassembly services for standard beds, dressers with mirrors, and other minor items requiring basic tools. However, we cannot handle specialty items, TV mounting, or crib reassembly for safety reasons. Please provide any additional instructions to the office or movers.

How can I keep my mattress clean during the move?

We recommend using heavy-duty mattress bags for protection. Let us know the sizes and quantities you need, and we’ll bring them on your moving day.

Will you place my items where I want them?

Yes, we will place your boxes in the designated rooms if they are clearly labeled with specific locations or if you can give instructions during the move.

Am I allowed to tip the movers? What's a typical amount?

Absolutely! You can tip your movers in cash directly or add a tip to your card—just let us know before we process the transaction. The amount is entirely up to you. Some tip a flat amount (e.g., $20 per mover), while others prefer a percentage, typically between 5% and 20% of the total move cost, split evenly among the movers. Another guideline is $5-$10 per hour per person. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, making you one of the awesome ones!